"I've Always had a strong passion for golf equipment."

James Patrick "JP" Harrington grew up playing golf in the small town of Ellsworth, WI, where he realized at an early age his passion for a career in golf.

He attended the PGA Golf Management Program at Arizona State University and landed an internship at Hot Stix Golf in Scottsdale, AZ. Originally hired to answer phones, JP quickly proved more useful in the build shop, falling in love with the process of shaping, grinding, and customizing wedges. Over time, JP established himself as a pivotal member of the custom department at Hot Stix Golf.

Aaron Baddeley was a frequent visitor to the shop and stopped by one day to get some club work done. "Badds came in one Monday with a set of prototype MacGregor irons that had a boxy and squared heel and toe. The heads had some extra weight to work with so I started grinding. After a couple of hours, we got just what he was looking for."

Baddeley practiced with the irons that week and let JP know that he was going to put them in play the following week at the 2006 Verizon Heritage. With the set JP modified just a few days before, Baddeley would earn his first PGA Tour victory. From that point forward, JP knew this is what he wanted to do.

It wasn't long before JP was pursued by another club building venture, Cool Clubs, where he was named Custom Design Studio Manager. JP was free to experiment and modify existing designs making them his own, leading him to create his trademark, "JP". But he still wanted more.

Building A Brand

In 2009, JP made the decision to move back home to set up shop and pursue his dream of having his own wedge line. Utilizing existing contacts, JP built a partnership that supplied him wedge heads with more mass on the sole so he could custom grind the aggressive heel and toe relief he favored. With his new shop in place, JP began experimenting with unique finishing techniques and immersed himself in the art of custom hand stamping.

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Building A Brand

JP started sharing his work through some of the leading golf equipment blogs and forums. This became JP's "in" to a community drawn to the kind of equipment innovations he was making. When a storm of comments greeted his first post he knew he was onto something special.


After reaching out to the best suppliers he could find, JP got a late night email from a forging house in Ichikawa, Japan. His persistence had finally paid off. With the blank forgings secured, JP bought a modest mill drill so he could get back to using tungsten inlays to control the club's center of gravity. He would grind and shape the sole with his aggressive heel-toe camber then reweight the club with three tungsten weights in the toe.These two characteristics would become the signature of JP's first wedges.

In 2011, JP attended the PGA Merchandise Show, with a locked briefcase full of his creations. He met with his forging house reps who invited him to tour their facility if he was ever in Japan. He booked a ticket to Tokyo that night. For a week, JP explored the Kyoei forging house, soaking up all he could. He closely trained with master grinder Okumura-san, met with the forging and plating masters, and found the perfect forging to create the line he envisioned. Throughout his journey, JP remained committed to his core philosophy of "Quality. Performance. Aesthetics."

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Partnering with Acushnet

In the Spring of 2013, JP hosted a life-changing meeting in his garage shop. Acushnet President/CEO, Wally Uihlein, visited JP. The meeting started with JP explaining his design philosophy and ended with him grinding a wedge. A new partnership was finalized in July, and once again JP moved out West, but this time to bring his garage shop mentality to Titleist in Carlsbad. An off-site shop was created, the greatest possible version of the garage. JP got to work, validating the performance of his wedge design philosophy.

Recognizing that JP's growth had always been best served by free reign, Titleist allowed JP to develop his new line in his own way, at his own pace. JP started his testing process with Acushnet in Japan, working with Tour players to collect feedback on his hand built, multi-material prototypes. This would become the framework for consumer performance validation of JP Wedges at the Titleist Performance Institute.

Now after three long years of development and validation, JP and Titleist are proud to announce that JP Wedges are back and better than ever before. His new line of JP Wedges represents the next step in a journey that is uniquely JP's. The latest chapter in a story of talent, ingenuity, and drive that is just getting started.

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