meticulously designed with every detail in mind.

Forged Milled Body

JP Wedges are forged from a billet of 1025 Carbon Steel and CNC milled for ultimate precision.

Signature Tungsten WEIGHTING

Inspired from his early innovations, JP uses precision milled high-density tungsten to move the CG towards the center of the face creating a more solid feel and consistent distance control.


Forged Milled, Lightweight Titanium creates strategic weight savings, allowing more tungsten to be used to fine tune the center of gravity and increase forgiveness.

High-performance Wedges

Designed to Meet Performance Demands at Every Level.

JP Wedges provide the consistency a Tour player demands with the forgiveness every golfer needs.

Multi-directional Camber Sole Design


Aggressive heel to toe relief and sole curvature in every direction provide more efficient turf interaction and less heel and toe drag through impact.

JP Wedges feature a precision contour milled sole held to the tightest tolerances to create his unique Multi-Directional Camber.

Leading Edge Height + Camber + Sole Width


Consistent Bounce Progression is a direct result of combining JP's unique Multi-Directional Camber Sole and optimal Leading Edge Height, providing more forgiveness while maintaining versatility.

Bounce Options
Lofts Low Mid High
45° - 49°
50° - 53°
54° - 56°
57° - 60°
Central + Progressive Flatline Cg

Progressive Center of Gravity

Progressive Flatline CG

JP Wedges feature a constant CG height regardless of loft resulting in a consistent impact position for improved distance control, feedback, and feel.

Central CG

The multi-material construction of JP Wedges moves the CG towards face center from heel to toe creating a more solid feel and increased energy transfer.

Standard & Midsize


Designed for performance, JP has created a grip that will take your wedge versatility to a new level. Utilizes lightweight rubber to maintain swingweight characteristics of a conventional grip.

Added grip length and non-tapered lower hand reduce tension while gripping down for added precision and feel.

High-Performance Meets Timeless Design.

From the CNC Milled Sole Texture to the Signature Tungsten Weighting, JP Wedges are artistically crafted with subtle
hand-finished touches that complete this timeless design.


This stunning two-tone finish blends a high polish back to a satin face, reducing glare at address.

Signature Tungsten

Inlayed seamlessly into the wedge and hand polished to a brilliant finish.

Hand-brushed Titanium

Forged-Milled and Hand-Brushed to complement the High Polish Chrome and Signature Tungsten.

Precision CNC Milled Sole

JP's 3-Dimensional Contour Milling pattern highlights the attention to detail and precision that's given to each wedge.



Available up to 20 characters, your custom engraving wraps around the toe in JP's Signature style.

Paint Fill

JP offers a wide spectrum of colors to cater to your unique style.

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